EPoS Systems from Intelligent Retail

For independent retailers, time is precious. That's why it is imperative to have a till system which saves as much time as possible whilst making everyday tasks simple and efficient. The Connect EPoS system from Intelligent Retail offers a familiar till interface with all the latest multichannel trading features, allowing you to trade like the big retailers do.

Dependable Multi-Channel Trading

In the modern age, sales don't just come from your 'bricks and mortar' store. Infact, it's not uncommon for 40% of an independent retailers sales to come from online sources. If your EPoS system doesn't handle multichannel trading well then you are wasting time and effort! The Connect EPoS system has been designed from the ground up for multichannel trading. With direct integration into Ebay, Amazon and a whole host of eCommerce website technologies, Connect allows seamless multichannel trading, so you can ditch all your other online admin systems and use the back office of Connect for all transaction management, saving even more time!

With direct integration into Magento, WooCoomerce, Actinic and of course Intelligent Retail's own Connect eCommerce platform, World class websites can be built to allow trading online outside of Ebay, Amazon and Google Products - there's even a feed builder so social media shops can be added, as well as affiliate marketing programmes, with just a little knowledge.

Easy Product Population

With Connect, you get access to the Intelligent Retail barcode cloud, a patented system which allows product information to be automatically added, simply by clicking on a product barcode. This means product images, description, price, brand are all filled in for you at the touch of a button, saving many hours of work! This patented system is filled with information from suppliers and other retailers, so you don't have to do this tedious work.

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For a FREE demonstration of the capabilities of the Connect EPoS system, call 0845 6800 126 or email Intelligent Retail for further information.