Welcome to Caramel Clothing - the online clothing boutique with contemporary fashion for stylish women.

Caramel Clothing has a carefully edited collection from the best British and European brands including: Great Plains Clothing, White Stuff Clothing, Seasalt Clothing, Sandwich Clothing, Braintree Clothing, Mistral Clothing, Nice Things By Paloma S, Ichi Clothing, Fransa Clothing, Garcia Jeans and Accessories from Joma Jewellery, Alpe Shoes and Lamb Handbags. We have recently introduced a range of jewellery and accessories for girls from Joma and Rockahula.

Sandwich Clothing

Sandwich clothing is Dutch and has some great quirky details which make it stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for something a little bit different with a slight bohemian feel then take a look at our Sandwich clothing collection.

White Stuff Clothing

White Stuff provides lovely clothes for lovely people, so it's no wonder it is one of our best sellers. We buy White Stuff clothes as a fully coordinated outfit so we can always find the top for the skirt in exactly the right colour. White Stuff also mixes really well with our other brands and is perfect for the office, the school run or just generally having a good time.

Great Plains Clothing

Great Plains is the sister company of French Connection and produces affordable fashion for all ages. We buy a full range of Great Plains each season so you will always find a fully coordinated Great Plains outfit at Caramel Clothing.

Seasalt Clothing

Seasalt is a fabulously relaxed, fun, casual label of predominantly organic clothing. The brand does not compromise on style or quality and they use brilliant colours which make you feel good. Seasalt is a multi award winning company based over the border in Cornwall. The Seasalt clothing collection is ethically produced and all designed in Cornwall where inspiration is gained from living by the sea.

Nice Things Clothing

Nice Things clothing provides us with quirky design and feminine style. Their beautiful prints, unique detailing and affordable prices are very popular with our customers here at Caramel. If we were to sum up Nice Things clothing and accessories in two words, they would be "understated quirky".

Mistral Clothing

Mistral clothing provides us with lovely dresses, cardigans and skirts that can be dressed up or down – perfect for the school run or meeting a friend for lunch. This family owned British label has an in house design team who create a wonderful clothing collection, offering a great range of colours and unique prints. Mistral clothing provides us with a versatile range that can be adapted for any occasion. The collection is always affordable, stylish and beautifully made.

Ichi Clothing

The Ichi Clothing collection is dynamic, sophisticated and easy going. Aimed at women and girls whose heart lies in the city even if she doesn't live in one, this collection allows her to express herself and look a million dollars without spending one. Another wonderful brand from those stylish Danes.

Fransa Clothing

Fransa is another of our Danish brands and provides excellent value for money. The Fransa clothing collection is a combination of coordinated outfits and everyday basics. Not widely available, Fransa clothes are more exclusive without the exclusive price tag.